Cittaslow, a label for cities in which living is easy
Cittaslow, a label for cities in which living is easy
Segonzac Town Hall
Segonzac, le chalais
Labastide d'Armagnac, charming arcades
Labastide d'Armagnac, a convivial atmosphere
Mirande, a summer market
Loix : a snail race
Loix, an evening fete on the beach
Valmondois, the café
Valmondois, the public washing place
Saint Antonin and the Aveyron Gorges
Saint Antonin Place du Buoc

MIRANDE « Cittaslow » : an international label for cities in which living is easy.

Here, people live in harmony with nature in a well preserved environment. Quality of life is our priority.

Cittaslow, what's that all about ?

The Movement of Cittaslow was born in Italy in 1999 through the Paolo Saturnini’s brilliant intuition , past Mayor of Greve in Chianti, a little town of Tuscany.

The new idea of considering the town itself and thinking of a different way of development, based on the improving of life quality , moved him to spread his thoughts all over the country.

Fastly his ideals were endorsed by Mayors of towns of Bra, Orvieto, and Positano.

They met later the president of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini and obtained his support.

The main goal of Cittaslow, was and still is today, to enlarge the philosophy of Slow Food to local communities and to government of towns, applying the concepts of ecogastronomy at practice of everyday life.

Municipalities which join the association are motivated to offer a good quality of life to inhabitants and visitors :

- man is still protagonist of the slow and healthy succession of seasons ;

- their actions are respectful of citizens’ health ;

- their authenticity : good products and food,  fascinating craft traditions, unspoiled landscapes, respect of traditions through the joy of a slow and quiet living.

Today Cittaslow network is international with 199 towns in 30 countries, 7 towns in France :


To obtain the label the town has to  satisfy  more than 60 quality criteria.

Discover our network :

French network :

International network :

Why live in a « Cittaslow » town ?

Living in a Cittaslow town means having a cleaner environment, eating wholesome food, participating in a rich social life that respects the values of tradition and opening ourselves to the citizens of other cultures….

Why visit a « Cittaslow » town ?

Because only in a Cittaslow town do we feel ourselves guests rather than merely tourists, entering into the community, discovering its deepest values, appreciating the conviviality and spirit that are offerd to us by the craftsman, the farmer, the shopkeeper….

"Station Verte" logo
Mirande campsite : a comfortable cottage
A nice family outing
Mirande Monday market
A walking trail
Outing with friends
The "Ile du Pont" playground

Mirande, Station Verte : First ecotourism label in France, a 500 resorts network

What's that all about ?

The green resort is a touristic destination of leisure and holiday, located in the mountains, near the coasts, or as MIRANDE in the country. This national label is given to cities offering services and pleasures organized to help the visitor to enjoy the local environment :

      - a respected and preserved nature
      - a diversified tourism offer
      - places and leisure activities for everyone!
      - the quality of hospitality.

Classified green holiday resort, Mirande combines all year long , green space, warm welcome,  and attractive environment. .

Mirande, a green station : what does it mean ?

  - a rich program of cultural activities : Country music festival, Festival Kiosq’N Rock, traditional dance, cultural season in winter…..

 - a green  destination  : pedestrian areas, leisure centre, Ludina water-park , hiking trails, canoeing….

 -  a tourist office to give the visitors all practical informations . A museum of paintings and fine arts.

 -  more than 200 beds in various accomodations (guest houses, hotels, flats, campsites…) in Mirande and its surroundings.

 -  plenty of services, shops, playgrounds, flowered streets….


Partly encharged of Cittaslow radiance and deeply involved in the promotion of departmental procedures, Mirande-Astarac Tourist Office team is particularly aware of the importance of a sustainable development within its structure.

Our eco-actions

1. Communication

  • Communications by email are preferred.
  • The impressions are limited : reuse of paper which has been printed on one side to assemble scratch paper notebooks. Duplex printing preferred, if possible black and white.
  • The Tourist Office limits its editions and pools with its partners as much as possible. Ability to download on the website.

2. Purchasing policy

  • Printers with the label "Imprim'Vert" are chosen for editions.
  • Local trade and products for supplies are promoted.
  • For receptions, disposable tableware is avoided as much as possible.

3.Gestion économe du site :

  • Natural light is preferred.
  • Lights, unused appliances are turned off. Automatic switching on/off in the toilets. Low energy lamps are gradually implemented.
  •  Unnecessary water flows are controlled; introduction of dual flush toilets.
  • A heating control system has been put in place based on outdoor temperatures and schedules.

4.Waste management :
     Waste sorting.

5.Business trips:

  • The team practices as much as possible internal and external carpooling.
  • It also uses public transport.
  • Telephone and internet exchanges can avoid some travels.

6.Our role of eco-citizen awareness

  • A welcome especially studied for the disabled to make their visit, their access to informations, to toilets...easier.
  • The staff encourages all partners to initiate and develop sustainable approach and supports them in their commitment.
  • TheTourist Office reminds visitors, residents, hikers to follow the instructions so as not degrade our environment (waste management, respect for wild life and local flora, cropland, no fire...).
  • The team educates visitors to soft mobility (carpooling, electric bicycles, etc...).
A fountain in the park
A fountain in the park
Separate collecting of refuse

Being a good eco-citizen is easy, just think about it !

1. Save water, an eco-citizen gesture daily

  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Eliminate leaks
  • Equip your taps with water saving devices
  • Choose a flush with variable flow.

2. Drive down electricity bills with eco-citizen actions

  • Prefer natural light and energy saving lamps
  • Turn off the light when you leave a room
  • Choose Class A devices (maximum energy efficiency) and do not let power on.
  • Do not overheat : the comfort temperature is 19°

3. Generate less waste

  • Separate waste : glass, paper, cardboard, metal and plastic.
  • Avoid disposable products and packaging
  • Refuse advertising in your mailbox.

4. At home, adopt an eco-citizen behaviour

  • Check and strengthen your insulation
  • Avoid air conditioning
  • To cook, prefer natural gas to electrical plates and cover your pans when cooking
  • Defrost your freezer regularly.

5. At work also, be clever working eco-citizen !

  • Print double sided on recycled paper
  • Use a mug instead of plastic cups
  • Take the stairs.

6. Buy can be a greener action

  • Use a bag : a plastic bag needs 400 years to break down !
  • Opt for bulk products or packaging of large capacity, biodegradable or recyclable
  • Cook the eco-citizen way : choose seasonal fruits and vegetables and local products.

7. Move eco-citizen !

  • Prefer walking or biking to the car, and the train to the plane
  • Think of public transport and carpooling
  • Drive smoothly and turn off at the stop ; check your tyres.

8. For a greener garden : green hands and green brain !

  • In summer, water in the evening, if possible rainwater
  • Keep a wilderness to protect biodiversity
  • Use organic products.

9. On holidays, take your ecocitizenship with you !

  • Choose the less polluting mode of transport;
  • In nature, in the mountains or on the beach : throw your garbage in the bin ;r
  • Prefer local products.
Mirande carpooling area
Mirande carpooling area
Mirande bus stop

Choose eco-mobility !


The personal vehicle is a major contributor of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By car pooling you decrease the number of vehicles on the road and you actively participate in the protection of our environment.
An area is set especially for you, avenue d'Etigny in Mirande.

2.Public transport

A bus line TARBES-MIRANDE-AUCH  and AUCH-MIRANDE-TARBES runs several times a day.

The bus stop is located Place Fessenheim-Rustenhart.

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